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Way to Go Teams of UNYAA

Our Top fundraiser for the 2nd year running!! 

Team Ava $3,605               They beat their last year’s total too!

Way to go to ALL our Teams and Fundraisers!

Over $2500
Team Lil Shant
Big Red Dogs

Over $2000
Team Gage S.

Over $1500
AUTISM STRONG – Team Gavin & Noah
CJ Raptors
Richmond Family Team 

Over $1000
Jackson’s Brady Bunch
Cohen’s Crew
Team Maeve

Over $500
Team Imaree
Love Lori
Spikey Free
Team McInnis – LGSD
Puzzle Pack
Connor Monster
Bean Team

Thank you to our many other teams for their fundraising efforts!   Every amount counts!

Apple, Bovee Boys, Brady’s AUsome Buddies, Butterfly Farm Daycare, Carodonnas, Ceci, Dan’s Clan, Dominick’s Team, Donna Mott, Friends due 2 autism, Greta Mc Cauley, Harrington’s Care A Lot, Hope & Strength, Jack’s Crusaders, Jaden, Jayden, Jonny B, Little Man, Maiorella, Nichols , Rockin’ to a Different Tune, Root Family, Rosenhaus Raptors, Taylor’s Walkers,Team Adam, Team AJ, Team Andrew, Team au-some!, Team Ausome, Team Brodie Mac, Team Camden, Team Caravella, Team CJ, Team Cullen, Team Derek, Team Dj, Team Donny, Team ETHAN, Team Gage M., Team Gavin, Team Hachem, Team Harnisher, Team Jacob,Team John, Team Maeve, Team Nash, Team Noah, Team Palmer, Team Riley, Team Jonathan,Tommys Tropper’s, Train Fish, We Are Strong.