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New Gym opening thats geared towards children on the spectrum.

LATHAM – Scores of children could play safely at Ring Around the Spectrum all at once. However, there will only be 20 at a time. That’s just one accommodation at the 5,100 square foot sensory gym geared towards children with autism and other developmental delays.
“There is so little out there for any child with special needs,” explained Abbe Roberts, owner of Ring Around the Spectrum.
The lights will also be kept lower. In addition, there will never be loud music. An occupational therapist picked out all the equipment and toys. 
“But it’s fun. There are swings, a jungle gym, scooters, you name it and we got it.”


In the event that a child does become overwhelmed, there’s also a quiet creative area and a multi-sensory environmental room.
“There is no lighting in there except bubble tubes…bean bag chairs, there’s aroma therapy in there, light music and tactile balls.”
Ring Around the Spectrum’s goal is to provide a typical childhood experience to all children.
“We need a place like this where kids can get their ‘ya yas’ out where they can feel welcome and included.”