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Dec 2014 30

Tuesdays – Cooking with Creative Kidz

  • Times: 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • Register by: 12/30/2014
  • Location:
  • Cost: $15.00

Creative Kids Café that will provide some very special classes for some very special kids! Food art is an exciting way for kids on the autism spectrum to express their creative side through a multi-sensory classroom experience. (What could be more fun than playing with our food?!) This sensory-integrative class is designed to encourage kids to be curious about their food and we’ll explore with different scents, textures, and colors, through the various means of baking, painting, and decorating. For many children, this kind of experience can be helpful in addressing common food aversions such as smell, color, textures, or just plain old disinterest in eating their vegetables! Most importantly, this class is all about FUN with FOOD! In this class, we’ll be mixing, rolling, baking, decorating and eating Gingerbread people! Please note that we can accommodate any food sensitivities or allergies.
This class is great for kids of all ages on the autism spectrum; all kids must be accompanied by an adult (adult admission free). $15/child.

Click to Register or call (518) 306 4900.