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Autism Awareness at Great Escape

Great Escape is offering Autism Awareness Days to UNYAA 

The Great Escape + UNYAA = Autism Awareness Day!
Show your support for this amazing organization and come out for a day of excitement and adventure on June 3, July 15th, or Aug 19th.

Go to six and Use the Promo Code : UNYAA when purchasing your tickets on the special days. $5 of each ticket will go directly to the UNYAA.
Call Danielle Taylor at 518-792-3500 ext 3277 or email for your tickets!

Featuring – Sensory Play in the Park
The Spotted Zebra makes its way to The Great Escape for Autism Awareness Day at the Storytown building located down the hill from Flags Retail Shop to the right. Enjoy a multi-sensory play center created to comfort and relax. This location offers both a quiet getaway and a sensory play station. Completely separate from the crowds and roars of the rides allowing guests to recharge before getting back to the thrills of The Great Escape.

Did you know …..

Six Flags offers an Attraction Access Pass for guests who are unable to wait in ride lines due to a disability, mobility impairments, or certain qualifying impairments. Effective November 7, 2015 any guest requesting use of one of these special passes will need to provide a doctor’s note at Guest Services at the time they pick up the pass. This new program replaces our old Equal Access Pass program.

What is the Attraction Access Pass?
The Attraction Access Program allows qualified guests to access attractions through an alternate entrance without waiting in the regular ride queue. Upon arriving at the attraction entrance guests participating in the program will receive a ride reservation time comparable to the current wait time for the same ride/attraction. At the designated time the guest and up to three (3) riding companions can then enter the attraction through the alternate entrance and proceed directly to the ride boarding area. Guests using the Access Pass wait the same amount of time as other guests but they don’t have to wait in the regular ride queue.

How to Obtain the Attraction Access Pass

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